Thank you for visiiting my website and viewing my artwork.  I have lived in Oregon for over 25 years and I love living here in Oregon so near the Pacific Ocean.


I started creating artwork in 1996 using colored pencil then transitioned to pastel chalk and from there combined the two mediums creating a unique style of artwork.  I then went on to experiment with other mediums like oil pastel, pen, ink, acrylic paint and oil paint.  Soon I will experiment with other mediums such as encaustic paint and possibly even collage.  Being creative is part of who I am as a person.


Usually I create by allowing the medium to flow on the canvas and if I feel the need to add a drawing of an amimal, person or object then I draw that into the artwork. 


I have a lot of different directions that I will be taking my artwork in the future, if you see a piece you like and would like to collaberate with me then email me.